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Sunday School Songs are available here:

Our Sunday School Plans

Acknowledging how plans can change overnight, here is our current plan.

· Sunday school will meet outside twice a month in the fall (September and October), then once a month in winter.

·  Sunday School lessons will be emailed out to all parents on Thursday so they can self-study if they prefer.

Reminders to sign-up will accompany the emailed lessons for those who are able to come on Sunday for in-person Sunday school.

Meetings will be indoors 2nd and 4th Sunday every month.

Inside spaces: Our classes will use larger rooms such as Room 1 and the larger room in the basement.

Lessons will continue to be emailed each week.  Future possibilities also include holding classes on Zoom and/or online video instruction to be used with families in the home like was offered for VBS.

Confirmation Classes

Classes will be held in the Fireside Room. If the weather is nice, we might meet outside, so wear clothes appropriate for the weather. If weather is bad, class will meet in the Fireside room. Masks required and distancing will be maintained.

Guidelines for Parents

· Pre-register for Sunday school to let us know how you want to proceed. A form is available at the church office and on the Atonement website

· Preceding each Sunday’s class, again sign up online by emailing Rich Chronis at or by phoning him at 952-881-4553 for in person Sunday school attendance by Friday night. Email will be sent by Saturday noon am to let parents know if a class will happen or not.

· A minimum of three children per class is necessary for there to be class the following Sunday.

· Children will be divided into a younger class (3-5 years) and an older class (First grade and up)

· If a child is sick on Saturday night or Sunday morning, they are instructed NOT to come, even if they signed up for class.

 Class sessions will be:

20 minutes: 3-5-year-old (through kindergarten)

30-40 minutes: First grade and up

· As much as we will attempt to keep “physical distancing” of 6 feet or more, children who are able are expected to wear masks during class sessions.

· Each child will be provided their own personal, plastic bucket, with their name on it, containing supplies such as watercolor markers for their use during classes.  Buckets will remain at the church building and used as needed.

· For in-door sessions, to minimize the spread of aerosols, our plan for music involves listening to songs, learning sign language, and using rhythm instruments.

Thank you to our Sunday School teaching staff: Mo Benardella, Olaf Boehr, Mary Chronis, Marcia Dragt, Mary Richter and Elizabeth Steigauf.