Starting Rally Sunday September 11, 2022, we will have 1 worship service every Sunday morning at 9:45 AM

The Council and Congregation has deliberated much in the last few years on worship. Here is what we have decided based on a combination of listening to members as well as discerning what is best for the Church. If you remember, 2019-2020 was supposed to be an experimental year. We began the year with two services, went to one service in the winter, and had just returned to two services when COVID changed our plans.

We did get to finish our congregational discussions and deliberations, the council was tasked with voting on what the end result would be. The conclusion:

  • We will start our new permanent schedule at 9:45 AM worship service starting Sunday September 11, 2022.

As a refresher, here are some of the reasons why we began this conversation in the first place: (Pre and Post Co-vid)

  • There had been less and less people in both worship services over time
  • It was getting harder to find greeters, ushers, and readers for both services and we were relying on the same people repeatedly
  • We wanted to see if we could combine worship in a creative way and be “together” as one congregation each week

We still want to have conversations about our new permanent service time. Just a few reminders:

  • When we sing certain songs or hymns, use parts of liturgy, or even do a certain ritual, you can be sure that even if you don’t care for it, someone in the congregation finds it deeply meaningful.
  • We also don’t know what is meaningful to you unless you tell us! Feel free to write down your favorite hymns/songs/ rituals, and we will try to include them more.
  • Feel free to contact Council Members as well as Pastor Siri any time, with your input.
  • Honest and kind conversation is how Christian Churches communicate. Please assume we are all trying to do what is best for everyone in the church. This is a great time for us to practice what is best. Honest, open, and kind conversation.