We believe that all human beings are made in God’s image as an expression of God’s creativity and abundance. We were made different so we could learn and grow from one another. While we are all equal before God, racism is a sin that infects all of humanity.

We believe that racism is a learned social behavior that harms all of us. The privilege that some of us are born with may desensitize us to the injustice, exclusion, and hate that many in our community experience on a daily basis. Yet, we believe that racism is contrary to the inclusive Gospel of Love, and that how we treat others is how we treat Christ.

We believe that the struggle against racism in all forms is a continuous effort, one we do in the name of Christ. Because we believe we have a responsibility to pass our values on to the next generation, we acknowledge we have work to do as a congregation.

We want to provide a church where all are welcome, where all feel welcome, and where diversity is celebrated. Being responsive to other cultures is a learning process, one that will first make us uncomfortable as we move out of our comfort zones.

Because none of us have all the answers, we pledge to fully and humbly listen to one another’s stories for the sake of learning and being transformed. In this intentional reaching out, we can grow in our own self-awareness and be enriched as human beings.

As a worshipping community, we pledge to use more diverse images of Jesus and God. We pledge to create opportunities and teach the skills that would allow us to have meaningful conversation with those who are different from us. We pledge to invite and reach out to all who come to Atonement with an open heart. We pledge to reach out to the neighborhood for the sake of mutual enrichment.

This is a holy calling that is done both together and individually, though the power of the Holy Spirit. We do this in love.