Welcome! We have been learning a lot about both the history and present realities of racism in our country. It is a deep part of our Christian legacy to love our neighbor and to work for justice and peace. We also are called to see how we have been a part of the problem and to be a part of the solution, creating a world where all people may have abundant life. To do this, we have to educate ourselves, because the reality of oppression is hidden from many of us, and most of us learned hardly any Black history.

Below you will find a variety of short videos (5-20 minutes) that are extremely helpful.

This first video explains Systematic Racism in a simple, short cartoon.

The second video actually is the beginning of a series: “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man” by Emmanuel Acho. They began June 3, 2020 and he has added a new one each week. At about 10 minutes each, they are a great resource!

This video comes from a night show. It is a compilation of stories by one of the correspondents of her “run-ins” with the police. (Some language included)

This video is a TEDx Talk called “Let’s get to the root of racial injustice”. She shares her personal experiences of racial profiling as examples of the overall environment in our country. How do we fix racial injustice?

Trevor Noah speaks to activist Kimberly Jones after her 6-minute video went viral online. It explains systematic racism and how so many people are getting tired of a “rigged” system. (11 minutes- some language included).

The original 6-minute video by Kimberly Jones early in the protests after George Floyd after people were criticizing destruction of property. (Some language included)