Creating a Home Altar

A home altar is a beautiful thing to remember that you can worship God anywhere, and that holy things can be in your home just as they are in a Sanctuary. You can pray at your home altar everyday, or set it out on Sundays for your worship at home.

Here are a few basics to create your home altar:

  • Candle: the fire represents God’s presence, as well as the Light of Christ
  • Water: A glass of water (or inside fountain if you have it!) can be your baptismal font. Mark yourself with the sign of the cross at the beginning of your worship time
  • Bible: follow along with Pastor’s reading
  • A living plant or flowers, if you have one, to represent God’s creation as well as the growth we are called to as people of God. The dirt also reminds us we are people of the hummus/earth.

This is a beautiful time to OWN your faith and make it a living presence in your home and heart. Peace be with you!

Simple Worship Services To Use at Home

May 3 – 17

April 12 – 26

April 5 – 10 (Holy Week)

March 22 – 29