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Worship At Home Resources

Worship At Home Resources

Creating a Home Altar A home altar is a beautiful thing to remember that you can worship God anywhere, and that holy things can be in your home just as they are in a Sanctuary. You can pray at your home altar everyday, or set it out on Sundays for your worship at...

Atonement Lutheran and COVID-19

In order to slow the spread, we are asked to take social distancing seriously. In order to truly love our neighbor, Atonement will not hold public events in the next few weeks. This means: ¬∑ No Sunday Worship together ¬∑ No Education hour including adult...

Our Schedule

Because of the COVID-19 emergency, no gatherings are taking place at our church until further notice. Worship and devotional resources are available online and by mail.


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9:00am – 2:00pm, Monday – Friday



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601 East 98th Street
Bloomington MN 55431

Atonement Lutheran Church

Atonement Lutheran Church
601 E. 98th St.
Bloomington, MN 55420

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